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Aqua One Aquis 1250 Advanced Canister Filter

$210.95 AUD
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The new Aquis Advance Canister Filter 1250 combines state-of-the-art technology with vastly superior filter media. The Aquis range benefits from an Easy Start Primer that allows simple installation and a quick start without a spills. The quick release hose system allow for simple, fast and mess-free maintenance. The new filter media used in the Aquis Advance is only of the highest quality, offering more surface area for bacteria to colonize than ever and delivering astonishing filtration capabilities. The internal media arrangement and design of the pump head ensures even distribution of the water flow throughout the filter media, maximising the filter volume and ensuring that the large amount of effective filter media present is used as efficiently as possible. The Aquis range is made of extremely robust and durable material, promising many years of problem free filtration. The whole package is backed by a 4 year guarantee giving you ultimate peace of mind. Superior Filtration through Superior Filter Media and Configuration -Aquarium water enters via the inlet located on the top of the filter travelling down to the bottom of the filter via the inlet tube where the water is distributed across the base of the canister. -Rising up through the Canister body the water is channelled through various layers of filter media. -The BioNood Advance noodles allow bacteria to cultivate on and within them. They also channel the water in all different directions, ensuring that all of the filter media is used. This process is capable of reducing toxins like Ammonia within the aquarium far more efficiently. -The Blue 15ppi filter sponges trap the large dirt particles. -The Black 35ppi sponges trap finer particles. -The white layer of wool polishes the water as it returns to the aquarium via the outlet. Specifications Max Flow Rate 850l/hr Max Head Height 2.0m Filter Volume 12ltr Suits both freshwater and marine

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