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SUPERGE is designed to restore the high-clarity of ADA glassware, and its detergent formula was developed solely for ADA glassware maintenance
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For monitoring proper dosage of CO2. Drop Checker is an original glassware unit, designed to indicate the CO2 amount diluted within the water

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Cabochon Ruby is a non-return valve made from quality Japanese glass and mineral close to ruby. Cabochon Ruby can be used indefinitely, and makes an elegant addition to your aquarium.

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This is an adapter to connect CO2 System 74-YA Ver. 2 and SA regulator to the refillable CO2 tank.
*This is exclusively designed for ADA genuine CO2 System74-YA/Ver. 2 and SA. Includes a white internal seal.

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A set of accessories (Suction Cups, Silicon Tube, One-way flow Valve) for the installation of glass products of CO2 distribution.

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Clear Parts Set is the clear transparent type of Parts Set. The contents of the set is same as Gray parts Set that are necessary for connecting and installing glass-made equipment. 

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(for CO2 Attache Regulator and CO2 Speed Regulator)

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Glass Counter is designed for measuring the amount of CO2 supply employing the simple yet accurate bubble counting method. Even beginner can make an accurate CO2 supply to the aquarium, in a combination with Pollen Glass.

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CO2 Beetle Counter is a CO2 bubble counter for large aquarium tank requiring a large supplementation. As CO2 bubbles rise in a spiral, you can easily count the number of CO2 bubbles. The design combines a playful sprit with practicality. Use with Cabochon Ruby enhances the appearance of the aquarium's exterior.

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ADA Ball Glass (Terrarium CO2 distributor) is suitable CO2 supplementation for small tank or aqua terrarium.

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CO2 System 74-SA is the expert model with meter indicating CO2 discharge pressure. You can control the discharge pressure in a rage of 0-0.35MPa with easy-to-handle upper black dial. With SA regulator you can control the pressure depending on number of aquarium tank you are going to distribute.

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A larger version of the top class CO2 System 74-SA regulator, for use with large size CO2 Tanks

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