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For monitoring proper dosage of CO2. Drop Checker is an original glassware unit, designed to indicate the CO2 amount diluted within the water

Was: $109.95 AUD
Now: $69.95 AUD

Red Sea Algae Control Pro Test Kit No3 & Po4

$99.95 AUD

Red Sea Pro Test Kit (CA, ALK, MG)

$99.95 AUD
Ammonia Alert™ is an innovative color device for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia.
$14.45 AUD
Seachem pH Alert™ is a unique color device designed to be placed in the aquarium to monitor pH continuously. A sensor changes colour reversibly to alert you to shifts in pH levels between 5.8 and 8.6. Freshwater Only
$14.95 AUD

This kit measures all types of calcium, including gluconate calcium. The method is based on specific titration with a unique indicator. Measures in increments of 5 mg/L. Each kit runs 150 tests

Was: $65.95 AUD
Now: $54.95 AUD

Four kits in one! Tests for magnesium through a titration based procedure in increments of 12.5 mg/L. Tests for carbonate alkalinity, borate alkalintiy and total alkalinity in 0.1 meq/L resolution through a titration based procedure

Was: $69.95 AUD
Now: $57.95 AUD

This kit measures strontium by first seperating the strontium in the sample by a chemical precipitation and filtration, followed by a sensitive titration in 0.5 mg/L increments. Each kit runs 50 tests. Now uses an easier to read non-fluorescent indicator!

Was: $99.95 AUD
Now: $83.95 AUD
This kit measures total (NH3 and NH4+) and free ammonia (NH3 only) down to 0.05 mg/L and is virtually interference free in marine and fresh water
$22.95 AUD
This kit measures copper (all types) down to 0.01 mg/L in marine or freshwater. Uses a highly sensitive catalysis based procedure
$23.95 AUD
This kit measures iodine or iodide to less than 0.005 mg/L. Seachem stands alone in offering this important test to the reef aquarian.
$24.95 AUD
This kit measures iron in freshwater or marine water to less than 0.05 mg/L. Can also measure chelated iron.
$24.95 AUD

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