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For the messurement of Conductivity.

$198.95 AUD

For the messurement of Marine Salt Density/Salinity/Specific Gravity.

$507.95 AUD

For accurrate water level detecting.

$81.95 AUD

For the messurement of Temperature.

$63.95 AUD

 AT Control is a measuring and control system with nearly unlimited possibilities for the electronic control of aquariums and terrariums. The basic version comprises a temperature controller, multiple timer functions and a PC connection for programming and data display. The complete programming can be made from the Controller or directly from the keyboard of the PC.

$817.95 AUD

Ethernet Module.

$0.00 AUD

Interface - Conductivity w/o Probe

$203.95 AUD

Interface - Density w/o Probe

$203.95 AUD

Interface - mV Redox w/o Probe

$203.95 AUD

Interface - pH w/o Probe

$203.95 AUD

Interface - Level + Temp w/o Probe / Sensors

$203.95 AUD

6 Aust Plugs + USB Ports etc. for use with AT - Control.

$658.95 AUD