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Clear Parts Set is the clear transparent type of Parts Set. The contents of the set is same as Gray parts Set that are necessary for connecting and installing glass-made equipment. 

Was: $24.95 AUD
Now: $15.00 AUD

A larger version of the top class CO2 System 74-SA regulator, for use with large size CO2 Tanks

Was: $649.95 AUD
Now: $599.95 AUD

 ADA Do! Aqua CO2 System Set.

Was: $279.95 AUD
Now: $199.95 AUD

CO2 Dual Gauge Regulator and Solenoid

$189.95 AUD

CO2 Bubble Counter

Was: $14.95 AUD
Now: $9.95 AUD

CO2 System with Dual Gauge Regulator, Solenoid, Bubble Counter and 1Ltr Aluminium Gas Bottle + 2m CO2 Hose.

$299.95 AUD

CO2 System with Dual Gauge Regulator, Solenoid, Bubble Counter and 3Ltr Aluminium Gas Bottle + 2m CO2 Hose.

$399.95 AUD
This system consists of 100gm bottle of CO2, Regulator, Ceramic Diffuser, Hose's and suction caps and Bottle Holder. Made in Japan
Was: $299.95 AUD
Now: $159.95 AUD
GEX Carbon dioxide gas replacement bottle for GEX V74 CO2 system. Made in Japan.
Was: $39.95 AUD
Now: $19.95 AUD

CO2 Advance System includes all equipment required for CO2 supplementation including Pollen Glass Glass Counter CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2.

Was: $624.95 AUD
Now: $499.95 AUD

This is an adapter to connect CO2 System 74-YA Ver. 2 and SA regulator to the refillable CO2 tank.
*This is exclusively designed for ADA genuine CO2 System74-YA/Ver. 2 and SA. Includes a white internal seal.

Was: $91.95 AUD
Now: $84.95 AUD

Cabochon Ruby is a non-return valve made from quality Japanese glass and mineral close to ruby. Cabochon Ruby can be used indefinitely, and makes an elegant addition to your aquarium.

Was: $124.95 AUD
Now: $114.95 AUD

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