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This book is excellent for someone who is more interested in identifying Lake Malawi fish as opposed to general information on how to properly keep these fish in a home aquarium
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Takashi Amano’s complete collection, Glass no Naka No Daishizen (in Japanese) will be released on Dec. 22. This showcases a total of 185 works by Takashi Amano from 1985 to 2009. It includes many unreleased new works and his essays about nature and environment. It is highly recommended for Nature Aquarium hobbyists and nature lovers.

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Dr. Axelrod's Aquarium fishes of the World is an excellent book on freshwater fish
$69.95 AUD
Awakening of the Dragon is one of the most complete literatures on Asian Arowanas ever published. Over 320 colourful and informative pages are contained within.
$195.00 AUD
A fantastic reference book for any one wishing to identify fish species or obtain information on the care of a wide range of fish
$199.95 AUD
This mini atlas contains a 256-page section dealing with aquarium maintenance, plants and fish breeding, in addition to almost 700 pages of photos
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The most practical and complete fish disease book ever written!
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