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Maxspect Celestial 70w Full Spectrum

Was: $429.95 AUD
Now: $399.95 AUD
Celestial Spotlight 70w LED Lighting System Full Spectrum

The Maxspect Celestial is a new controllable LED spotlight with a set of attractive features. This 70-watt spotlight is fully controllable by an intuitive built-in controller.

It makes for a perfect option for illuminating pico and nano aquariums up to a 60cm cube.

The Celestial Spotlight utilizes the latest LED multi-chip technology with its Cree EZ1000 core chip

  • Programmable colour channels / Integrated dawn to dusk
  • Smart Cooling Technology
    - Temperature controlled fan
    - Advanced heat-sink
    - Integrated heat pipes
  • 90 degree lens in junction with nano-tech painted reflective cups
  • Licensed COB multi-chip
  • LED Versatile mounting system
  • Utilizes Cree Ez1000 core chip
RGB Full Spectrum - C70-F:

The Celestial C35-F Spotlight provides primary full spectrum illumination great for pico and nano reef aquariums. The Celestial C35-F LED mulit-chip is controllable across 4 separate lighting channels.
  • Channel A Super Actinic (x4)410nm, (x4)420nm, (x4)430nm
  • Channel B Blue (x4)445nm, (x4)465nm, (x4)485nm
  • Channel C White (2) 5000k Cool White, (2) 3000k Warm White, (2) 660nm Hyper Red
  • Channel D White (2) 5000k Cool White, (2) 3000k Warm White, (2) 500nm Cyan


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