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ADA NA Thermometer J-10CL 10mm

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ADA NA Thermometer J-10CL 10mm.

When it comes to keeping an aquarium, maintaining an environment with the optimal water temperature is an essential factor for all that lives within. ADA has created a new type of thermometer, NA Thermometer, which clearly draws the line against the conventional gauges. You will find an exquisite beauty and simplicity in its form and design. This glass-made thermometer has an elegant slender body and the hang-on type design which allows you to place it directly along a wall of an ADA Cube Garden aquarium tank. NA Thermometer won’t disturb the beautiful scene of your Nature Aquarium.

Actual length: " This model fits ADA Cube Garden aquarium tank sizes 75-P, 90-P, 120-P, etc or with 10mm or less glass thickness.